Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Real life Ghost Hunters!!!

Today we have quite a treat!!!  An interview with real life Monster hunters!!! 

Our interview is with Joe Cottone founder of G.R.A.B (Ghost Research Association of Buffalo) and ghost hunter extraordinaire, Kim Olivencia.

Joe, what made you decide to start GRAB?

Ironically enough, a friend of mine and myself sat around watching TAPS every wed night faithfully, and decided to see what we could get from a cemetery.
We  only had a digital camera so we took lots of pictures and in the pics, found 2 of the best spirit orbs that live sci-fi TV has ever seen.  It is one of the pics on the home page of our site
After that I fell in love with the whole thing.  It helped prove things I saw and felt when I was young.

Joe, can you tell me a little about what happened when you were younger?

I opened the closet door and the smell of flowers seeped out.  The smell clung to my mom’s shirt.  She was standing right next to me.  The only thing that was in the closet at that time was my grandma’s funeral mass cards.
Another time, two of my friends and I were sitting on my porch.  My friend saw a lady in the window inside my house wearing a red dress. My friend jumped up and asked who was in the house, and I said just my grandpa. Funny thing is that my grandma was buried in a red dress.

Kim, how long have you been interested in the paranormal?
As long as I can remember.  I was six years old and started having dreams that would come true.  I had a dream that my brother fell off a bridge across the street from my house.  I saw him in the water and everything.  I also saw him walk back up my driveway to my house.  Three days later I fell of that same bridge from my dream. 
Also, we had a religious figure in the corner of my house on a shelf, and like a warning, every time something bad was going to happen it would fall.
My father called every day at 1 o’clock.  For some reason he didn’t call the day he died.  But the religious figure fell at the exact time he always called.  When he came in the door from work, he died of a massive heart attack.  I’ve talked to people who live in that house now.  They have seen him and have described him to me.  

How often do you go on a hunt and how do you find them?

Well, we try to get at least 1 per month, sometimes as many as 4....and we research the area, or someone calls us and says they need help.  Most of it comes from word of mouth

Do you get rid of the ghosts or just investigate the haunting?

It depends on what the resident or owner wants.

Do you find that most people decide to leave well enough alone when they find out that their house really is haunted?
I wouldn’t say most.  Some embrace it, some freak out, and some want to get rid of it.  It is pretty even split.

What is the one thing about ghost hunting that will keep you coming back for more?

The variety.  There is always something new and exciting.
Each case is different, and I am a sucker to help someone in need
A  lot of the people that finally ask for help are at the end of their rope

Well thank you Kim, and Joe, for your ubber awesome insight into the world of ghost hunting.  Are there any thoughts you’d like to leave with our readers?

Just that people need to know that there is something that exists beyond life.  Please do not wait until it is too late to ask for help if you think your house may be haunted.  It is a very sensitive thing and should be addressed by professionals.   Do not try to contact them by yourself.   You could get into a world of trouble you know nothing about.

Please click the G.R.A.B. link and check out their site!!!