Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So we've established that I seriously suck at blogging on a regular basis, right?  I just can't seem to make time in my day for it.  Enough of the excuses and on with the updates. : )

The Dark Gifts: Birthright is now available at Amazon and Barns and Noble.  (and a bunch of other places.)  The first novella in my demon hunter series, Oceans of Red, will be released soon.  And (insert drum roll here) the second book in The Dark Gifts series, Inheritance, will be released the end of July.  SQEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Right now I'm working on the last bits of loose ends with covers and edits as well as writing the third volume of The Dark Gifts series.  

I have to admit that I struggle with writing, the kids, and the ever present sun who constantly screams at me to come hang out.  It's evil.  It whispers in my ear, "You can come play.  What's an hour?  You need me!"

But an hour turns into an afternoon and the next thing you know, it's time to make dinner. 

I will be back soon to give you a rundown of Oceans of Red and Inheritance.  Probably not really soon, because....well you know.  Keep up the great work and have a wonderful Summer!!!

Oh, and if you happen to speak to the Sun, let him know that I could use a few rainy days to get some extra work done.  Not oodles and gobs, just a few.  Here and there.  Sporadic works well in this scenario.  

Thanks ; )