Friday, November 11, 2011

My two cents on the Vampire war

It seems, as readers, we’ve found ourselves smack dab in the middle of a Vampire war.  Now it’s quite possible you’ve not noticed it yet, or maybe you just aren’t bothering with it.  (And I don’t blame you.)
Lately, I’ve noticed lots of posts about Breaking Dawn.  It usually begins with an, “I can’t wait!!! I’m so excited!!!”  And shortly after several agreeing comments, there will be massive bashing of Meyers by those who don’t like sparkly vampires.  Generally, I keep my mouth shut.  After all, I don’t know Stephanie personally, and she seems highly capable of holding her own. the last 24 hours I’ve read a few comments that honked me off a bit.  So, being me, and ever so nosy, I’ve decided to put my two cents in. LOL

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to remind anyone that these are fantasy books with fictional characters.  (We’re big girls and boys, we get that.)  Most true-blue vampire lovers that really hold to vampire lore and tradition still love Blade.  Even though, there has NEVER been a documented case in history (and by documented, I mean someone told a story about it) of a human/vampire hybrid.  So I ask you, why is there room for Blade and not for Edward? 

I’m not asking you like Edward, or even to give him a chance.  Personally, I don’t care whether you do or not.  And I may be going out on a limb here, but I’m pretty sure Stephanie (and her millions) doesn’t care either.   Here’s what I’m about everyone allows everyone to enjoy whichever books/movies they like and quit trying bash readers for their taste in literature?

I don’t like Faulkner.  I know he’s a classic, but reading his work is daunting and time consuming. (IMO)  I had to do a paper on Barn Burner.  It was by far the hardest paper I’ve ever written.  I had zero interest in the subject matter.  I do however, enjoy reading Shakespeare.  I love the way he words things.  Does this mean I think Faulkner sucks?  Well of course not!!!!  I simply don’t care to read him.  Not a big deal.  I bet Faulkner (were he alive) wouldn’t care either.

The point of this entire post (and yes there is a point) is simply this:  If you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing at all.  Feel free to voice your opinion on whether or not you like something, but don’t take it upon yourself to run a diatribe on an unsuspecting reader about how stupid they are for liking a certain book.  It’s simply none of your business what they like or dislike.  And in case no one’s told you, it’s terribly rude....

That’s my two cents.  Take or leave it.  LOL


  1. *Claps hands* I personally love Twilight, lol. But I agree, enjoy what you like and pay no attention to others unless of course you have the same taste then talk about and discuss what you have in common.

  2. Well said. Royce.... I don't understand the profile thing below and don't care to bother with setting something up to post my 2 cents. lol

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  4. Willow, today you are my own personal hero! Here's the problem! People seem to have lost respect for what others opinions are, they hide behind the mask of the Internet because they feel empowered to say and be whoever or whatever they want! Why people take such differences to heart baffles me! Who cares if someone likes a book that you personally hate?? And why the need to bash an author who has worked hard and accomplished what most of us only dream of. If any of these people understood how much work goes into writing a book and the persnal stress of allowing the world to read your work, they'd be much more sympathetic. As a writer myself, it's difficult for me to allow others to read my writing. It's probably one of the most terrifying things in the world for me! So I wish people would have a little more respect for all authors! You don't have to like everything published but respect the authors! Fiction is just that! It's not
    real it gives writers the freedom to create their own truths. Give them credit for their accomplishments and keep the negative comments to yourself!!!

  5. Brilliant couldn't have said it better myself. If you don't like vampires then don't like vampires but don't have a go at those of us who do. I love Twilight and agree with you if her writing sucked she wouldn't be the success she is! My novel Crow Trees is about vampires and I wrote it because I love the genre. Good post for us vampire fans. Thanks :)

  6. You know, since I am an avid reader of... well... just about everything, I have to say to those who are bashing the Edward lovers (personally I would prefer Jacob. Yes, even before the movies) and Twi-hearts in general, there is such a thing as jumping the shark for books too. (For those who don't know- jumping the shark is a tv term for tv shows that have gone past that point that makes sense for them to continue). I read lots of different vampire books, and sorry for every single author out there, it is my opinion that no one does a vampire story like Anne Rice. I've loved her since I was a kid and I will shortly re-read that series and I'm personally looking forward to the one she's writing about werewolves. She may (as in more than likely) become my new favorite werewolf author. (Yes, this is long-winded but I'm getting there.) But just because Anne Rice is my favorite vampire author, doesn't mean that I am going to hate all other vampire books. There are quite a bit of vampire stories that I truly love (one written by none other --Willow), and some that fell flat for me. But I say all of that to say this, there is enough creativity in the world to try new things and we should appreciate the people who step out and try something different. If not, our favorite stories, vampire, werewolf, demon, succubus, fairy, etc... wouldn't be here to begin with. I'm just saying ....

  7. Awesome comments guys!!! I need to have you all do guest posts!!!! :D

  8. Well Done! I couldn't have said it better myself! You are definitely Mommy Willow!

    Love ya!

  9. Hey Willow~

    I agree wholeheartedly! In addition, Twilight was the prompter that got MILLIONS of people to read, period, and all ages. I wasn't going to read it cause it seemed too 'young' for me, but when I did, I read all four books in like five days and absolutely loved them!

    If it weren't for Stephenie and her International Saga sensation, I wouldn't be an avid reader, nor, do I think I would've ever began writing. So in that regard, I owe her a debt of gratitude for opening my eyes to not only an amazingly-well told story, but also a world where anyone can create, with just a bit of imagination.

    People get jealous, and that's what's happened there. Sad, but true. She started a firestorm of vampire books, movies, etc., and like you said, I doubt she or her millions care, lol!

    Thanx for a great post!