Monday, October 15, 2012

Afterlife Blog Tour

Today the blog tour for Afterlife begins right here on my blog.  Take a look at the photo below and keep watch on the fan page for info each day on where to go.  Each blogger has different reviews, interviews, and even some special info in some cases.

Afterlife is a short story about how Angie and William (Birthright) met and became friends.  It was written solely due to the questions I'd been receiving on the fan page about their relationship and is meant to be a companion to Birthright.

Afterlife is absolutely FREE everywhere and a good way to decide if you'd be interested in the rest of the series.

Now here's some of that special info I talked about earlier:
The character of Angie is based on a real live girl.  (Two girls actually, both of which are my daughters.)  I took the personality of one and blended it with the physical appearance of another.  Due to this, I'm terribly fond of Angie.  She feels like one of my children.  (Of course!)

DISCLAIMER:  Neither of my daughters are 300 year old vampires.  Just thought I'd let you know. ;)

You can download Afterlife:

and many other e-book retailers.

Participating Bloggers

A very special thank you to all my blogger friends who are participating in this blog tour!!!  You guys ROCK!!! 

For everyone that follows the Afterlife tour, you have a chance to win a signed print copy of Birthright.  Some of these can be done daily to increase your chance of winning!!!

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  1. We love you Willow, looking forward to the tour x x

  2. Just stumbled a cross your books through stalking a friend and fellow book nerds page and I'm hooked :-)

  3. I am glad to here that neither of your daughters are 300 yr old vamps LoL

  4. Thank you so much for your awesome tour. Loved getting to know what makes you tick :)