Monday, August 6, 2012

My Top 50 Best Movies List

I'm totally stealing this idea from one of my twitter friends. He created a list of movies he considers the top 100 worst movies ever.  It was fun reading his list, and just a bit aggravating because a LOT of those movies I really love.

So for posterity, and to help save face for some of my faves, here is my list of the 50 movies I consider some of the BEST Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror movies of all time.  Although they are ordered 1-50, that's not the order of their importance.  (Just the order I happened to remember them in.)  You will also notice that many are in groupings.  Sometimes it's hard for me to decide which in a series is my fave.  If you do not see a year posted beside remakes, it's because I like both equally.

Hopefully you'll find some on here, you haven't heard of yet.  If so, I hope you'll give them a chance.

1.  What Dreams May Come

2.  Avatar

3.  Practical Magic

4.  Blade

5.  Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)

6.  Alien (#2 and #4)

7.  Dreamcatcher (Stephen King)

8.  Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Lightning Thief)

9.  Harry Potter (All of them, and NO I'm not kidding. Although of the group, I have to say that Prisoner of Askaban and Order of the Phoenix are probably my favorites of the entire lot.)

10. Shaun of the Dead

11. Twister (Okay it's not really in the genre, but DUDE!!! I'm still not tired of watching it! LOL)

12. The Lord of the Rings (All of them)

13. Golden Compass

14. The Covenant

15. The Stand (Mini-series)

16. The Fog

17. Lost in Space (1998)

18. Constantine

19. The Prophecy

20. Halloween (2007)

21. Jurassic Park

22. Total Recall

23. Terminator 2

24. The Craft

25. Season of the Witch

26. Pitch Black (And The Chronicles of Riddick)

27. The Omen (New or old, they both creep me out!)

28. Ghost Ship

29. Haunted

30. Poltergeist

31. White Noise

32. Men in Black

33. X-Men (All of them!  Yes I am a geek, thank you very much! LOL)

34. Iron Man

35. Transformers (All of them)

36. Star Trek (2009)

37. The Day After Tomorrow

38. Dante's Peak

39. The Darkest Hour

40. I am Number Four

50. Independence Day

Now I'm sure I've probably missed several.  After I post this, I know I'll think of at least 20 more I should have added!  But for now, this is it.  I hope you'll give a few of these gems a chance. ;)


  1. I love all these movies!!!! If I could add some they would be, I Robot, Underwold Rise of The Lycans and Day of the Dead :)

    1. I forgot Underworld!!! I knew I'd forget some!!! LOL And Vanhelsing too. I freaking love that movie!! :D