Monday, August 27, 2012

Willow's Monday Q & A

Happy Monday!!!

In response to your suggestions and a few questions left on the Vlog post, I decided to start a weekly ritual.  Monday mornings will be set aside to address questions and topics you as readers would like to know more about.  If you have any questions you'd like to ask, you may email me at willowsfanmail (at) or you can simply leave it in a blog comment.

Question #1:
Claire asked:  "Willow, were the companions planned, or more subject to demand?"

Great question!!!
The short story companions were not planned.  Many readers, over a period of time, approached me with questions about certain characters in the books.  Each wanting to  know more about their favorite characters.  I toyed with the idea of addressing those questions in Legacy, but doing so would have inundated the book with back story.  I don't mind a little back story.  I actually appreciate having background information.  However, I didn't want a 190,000 word novel.  (That's nearly twice the size of what's considered average for a YA book.)

After a period of time, I decided to write the companions.  By doing so I could give the information readers were interested in without compromising the full-length novels with extras that had nothing to do with the current story line.

Making Afterlife free was an added bonus.  I figured if people read it and liked it, they would already know what they were getting into if they purchased one of my larger books.  (I seriously don't like to hear people paid for something they didn't care for.  I hate doing that and I don't want to put other people in that position.)

Question #2
Aimee asked:  "How many books do you intend to have in The Dark Gifts series?"

Another great question!!!
Originally I'd planned on it being a six book series. (Full length novels.)  There are certain characters that need to have their own book/stories.  Honestly, now I'm not sure.  If readers continue to want the short companions as well as the novels, the number could be much higher. LOL

I am still planning on six novels.  I have two shorts to add to Afterlife and Bloodstone.  The next will be Sacrifice (Birthright companion) and later, For Love of a Child (Inheritance companion).  There may be more shorts after Legacy releases, but that will depend on my readers.  If they ask for it, they will most certainly get it. ;)

Question #3
Nanette asked:  "Looks like you are partial to strong female characters.  Why is that?"

You guys are on a roll with these awesome questions!!!
Without going too much into my personal history I will try to answer this as honestly as possible.  I spent several years of my adult life being a victim.  Simply because I did not believe I had the strength to end that situation.  Hind sight is always 20/20.  Once I slammed that door and locked it, I realized I wasn't a wimpy pile of mush and I wasn't a victim either.  Women can do amazing things if they just have a little faith in themselves.

When I write a female character, I want her to be real.  They have their strengths and many faults and weaknesses.  (Just like the rest of us.)  Regardless of whether there's any truth to my beliefs or not, I feel I have an obligation to give young women role models who will lead them in a better direction.  You don't have to take on a label.  You CAN be whoever you want.  (It does take some work though, there's no denying that. LOL)

Well that is it for today.  If you have more questions, please feel free to send them in.  I hope you have a fangtastic week and remember:  Be good to each other, we're all we've got. ;)

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  1. That was great. Thanks for answering our questions so honestly. Im excited for all the new books.