Friday, December 14, 2012

Willow's Author of the Day--Eric White

Today we are spotlighting the uber cool Eric White!!!


Eric White's imagination has always spilled over into reality, a penchant which feeds his art, poetry, and prose.  Answering his desire to never grow up, he fulfills his daylight responsibilities as a teacher's aide for children with special needs.  This assures him of recess and art every day and summer vacation each year.  He enjoys his greatest adventures with his wife of fifteen years and two sons in southern Illinois.

Eric's world of make-believe finds expression in his children's books, poetry, songs, and growing collection of fantasy/paranormal short stories.  He currently oversees construction as his first novel, One Running, the initial installment of his paranormal fantasy series Walking the Quay, wrestles its way out of his imagination and onto the printed page.

You can find him on:

His Blog
Book link for Forged in Flame anthology with Eric's story Birth Pains.
E-book link for Milk and Cookies featuring Eric's story I Love You Each, All, and Every Way.

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  1. Willow! Thank you so much! It is truly an honor to know such a magical person as yourself! May your pen and heart never run dry!