Monday, June 25, 2012

What an amazing day!

Wow.  So I went to vote this morning for my favorite authors/books for the awards ceremony at the Utop Ya convention and was completely amazed to find The Dark Gifts series had been nominated for Best Paranormal YA Series of the year!

I sat here looking at it thinking I couldn't possibly be reading it right.  It had to be a mistake.  Typo?  It seriously took about 3 minutes to sink in that enough people liked it well enough to actually get it on the ballet.

Now at first I was really excited.  Then terror set in.  Then peace, because I realized there would be no need at all for any speech because I'm up against some very big deal authors and I'm just a little fish.  (Not complaining.  I'm seriously thankful to even be a fish. lol)

Anyhow the point of this post (yes I promise there is a point) is to record for posterity what exactly this feels like.  It may not happen again....ever.  So I intend to keep this post to remind myself how humbling it is to find out that a group of people enjoys your writing well enough to nominate you for something.  To remember that there is a reason I work so hard and spend so much energy doing this.  It's not for awards, it's for those wonderful, amazing people who like to read my stories.  It's to get the voices out of my head! LOL  But most importantly, it's because I need to do this.

I am wholeheartedly honored to have even garnered a mention.  Thanks so very much to those of you who thought enough of my babies to nominate them!  You guys rock!!!! :D


  1. You rock it girl! Enjoy it, because we love you and keep writing.

  2. congrats Willow, it is well deserved. I would like to thank you for all yr hard work. I love your books, and look forward to reading many more :)

  3. Congrats Willow!! You are amazing and I love all your books! I hope you win!! :D

  4. Congratulations! My debut novel, Rift Healer, Ya Fantasy/Romance just came out this March & I look forward to wonderful surprises like yours! Best of luck--hope you win!
    Diane M. Haynes