Thursday, January 26, 2012

Author Interview Fiasco #1

Good morning!!!  I decided to try this author interview fiasco mostly because it sounded fun.  But more importantly, you can learn a lot about a person just by the way they answer some of these questions. (The fact they agreed to do it says volumes too. LOL)  All the authors on my list are seriously great people as well as writers. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!!!

Our first victim, Ahem, I mean the Dark Overlord of writing---Nathan Squiers!!!!!!

Hey Nathan!!!  So cool to have you here!!!  Inquiring minds want to know and I'm here to ask those questions..... 

1.  As a child, who was your favorite superhero and why?

            I still consider myself a child, but that will come into play later in this response (lol). When I was younger (let's say between five-and-ten years of age) I was a big fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (specifically Raphael--the turtle with the twin sais and the red bandana in the cartoons [little known fact: in the original comics ALL the turtles wore red and their only distinguishing features were their facial expressions--Leo: serious/stern; Donny: goofy-yet-contemplative; Raph: rage; Mikey: goofy-and-playful--and the weapons they carried]). I was also a HUGE Batman fan and a follower of Spider-Man and the X-Men (especially Wolverine [*snickt*]).
            Now that I'm an "adult" and my tastes have changed, I find that my favorite superheroes are the darker characters (often ones that either start out as villains or are seen more as antiheroes in their stories). I am a DIE-HARD Deadpool fan (probably one of Marvel's best characters--completely out of his mind [often carrying on conversations with himself in the form of differently-colored thought-boxes], and insanely hilarious]). My love of Deadpool and the metaphor of his character (always staying positive and funny despite all the slings and arrows that life throws at you) has led me to get a tattoo of him on my left leg (the only tattoo I have that isn't directly associated to my art).

2.  If you were going to take over the world, how would you do it?

            While supreme dictatorship is an appealing concept, I have to imagine that going about it in a hostile manner would be detrimental not only to the longevity of my reign but to those that I rule over. Truth be told, I would do it the right way: by being put there by people who feel that it's where I belong. To convince the masses that I should be in charge, however, I would have to begin by entertaining them on a massive, potentially global level and capturing their interest with something adored on a near-universal level (something like bacon). With the support and admiration of the crowd growing, I would ascend in the public eye, continuing to entertain, enlighten, and befriend as many as possible. . .
            But how to begin such an endeavor. . . ?

3.  Other than writing, what is your favorite thing to do?

            Uhh. . .
            I guess if I'm not directly working on one of my writing projects (outlining/planning, writing, or editing) then I'm probably invested in a novel, comic/manga, movie/anime, or other such form of entertainment. I also enjoy roleplaying with my fiancé (creating characters that we "play" as and then enacting a storyline with them. . . but that really just sounds like a playful version of a literary collaboration, doesn't it?). However, even when I'm doing one of these activities, I have a tendency to approach it with a "how can this element/style be utilized to better my own work". I don't believe a writer can ever technically "take a break" because the process of creating stories begins with observation and education, so as long as their brain is functioning it'd be impossible to stop the creative process. If I ever really wanted to STOP writing, I'd have to be comatose or dead (neither of which sound appealing).

4.  Top 5 favorite bands/songs?

            You're REALLY going to make me choose FIVE?!
            Uhhhh. . .
            Okay! So whenever I write I tend to put on a Japanese playlist (foreign lyrics don't distract me while I'm slinging words onto the page) so the first three will have to come from that playlist:
            ~Dir en Grey (Japanese Visual Kei/heavy metal group; imagine System of a Down-meets-KoRn with a touch of Tool).
            ~Girugamesh (Japanese Visual Kei/heavy metal group; hardcore growling with some symphonic elements.
            ~Aural Vampire (Japanese Visual Kei/techno-pop-punk group; techno-driven music with a female vocalist (often wears prosthetic vampire fangs for effect) and performs dark/playful songs with gothic themes in a poppy voice).
            Finally, since it can't be all foreign all the time, I'd have to include in this incredibly limited list Marilyn Manson (I, the "dark prince of the written word", would be lost in many ways without his Antichrist Superstar muse) as well as William Control (side project of William Francis--frontman of the punk/rock band Aiden).
            PS - you're very, very evil for making me choose by the way (lol)

5.  Top 5 favorite TV shows?

            (in no particular order):
            ~Family Guy
            ~American Dad
            ~American Horror Story
            ~Lost Girl
            ~Face Off

6.  If there was one statement you could make that the entire planet would hear and remember, what would it be?

            "There is no worse crime against yourself and others than a narrow mind that's driven by hate and clouded by ignorance."

7.  Social issue nearest and dearest to your heart?

            As of lately, I'd have to answer that with bullying. Each and every week, without fail, there's some new story on the news about some poor youth that is suffering or even brought to kill themselves as a means of escape. Bullying has always--ALWAYS!--been an issue, but, with the ability to torture one-another via the internet, it's been taken to a whole new plane of existence. Where a kid might've been able to stay strong while at school because they knew they'd be free of the hell their peers put them through as soon as the bell rang at the end of the day, today's youth have the added dread of going home and experiencing further torment and/or ridicule on their computer.
            I truly feel that, despite humans' ongoing belief of supremacy in the animal kingdom, we're mentally de-evolving to a state-of-mind that, if change is not sought, will destroy us all. People need to stop putting as much effort as they do into finding ways to torture their fellow man and, instead, focus on how to better both themselves and the species as a whole.

8.  In your opinion, what characteristics do the best villains have in common?

            The concept of villainy and heroism is really a matter of perspective, unfortunately. While the love-to-hate antagonists of comic books and Saturday-morning cartoons are fun, it's hard to ignore the fact that, if the story were presented from the other direction, it would not be too difficult to paint the heroes as the villains and vice-versa. James Bond's exploits are always exciting and we give our little celebratory fist pumps when he emerges victorious, but was his enemy--more-often-than-not a patriot to their own country trying to somehow restore their homeland or create some new utopia--really in the wrong? Very rarely does an individual go about a course of events because they WANT to be the villain--don't get me wrong, there ARE those out there that revel in the pain in suffering of others, no question there--but most are doing what they do for some noble purpose or another. In popular fiction the vampire is easily panted as the villain because they kill humans to stay alive, but we, in turn, kill animals and destroy forests for our own sustenance and shelters, so at what point can one truly draw the line between survival and villainy?
            These conflicts are, in my opinion, more compelling as a story-telling device, because it's no longer about everybody being on board with "well that monster had it coming", but, rather, guiding the audience from the protagonist's view as to WHY they're justified in being labeled as a hero.
            However, to put some sort of answer on this question, I'd say the best villains are the ones who DON'T have a purpose to their actions other than raw, excessive amusement at the expense of many.

9.  What is most likely to put you in a creative mood?

            I really can't say, with all certainty, where creativity may strike. Anybody who's been inspired can testify that it didn't work as a "I'm going to throw on some Mozart and be motivated to. . .". For me, I simply know better than to shut out the potential for a creative burst; if I go to the fridge for a drink and the milk carton sparks my next big novel, I'm not about to question it (lol).
            I will say, however, that visuals--movies, comics, etc. . .--are a MAJOR source of inspiration, so anytime I go to the theater or crack open a graphic novel or manga, I'm probably going to feel more driven to write than if I stub my toe on the end table.

10.  Is there anything you’d like to tell us about your books?

            99.9% of the time, when I approach a writing project, there's a greater message than just "the vampire died". I believe strongly in trying to motivate, inspire, educate, or possibly even heal a reader with my work. In a lot of ways my writing has kept me alive through some hard times, and if I can pass on even one iota of hope for a better tomorrow in the mind of a reader who has been dealt a bad hand then I can feel fulfilled in my lot in this life.
            If all you need in a book is some gnarly creatures and a fun story, then I certainly won't disappoint, but my work is as much a way to reach out as it is a means of entertaining.

Thanks so much for joining us!!!!!  We appreciate you sharing!!!!

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  1. I loved Nathans interview :D and i can't wait for the others. Great idea Willow

  2. Such a fantastic set of questions. Being interviewed by you was a true honor, Willow. Thanks much for considering me as a "victim" ^_^

  3. Willow such great questions and Nathan's such a nice guy this was a fun interview to read.

  4. sorry i just realized i'm logged in under my blog name (tsk,tsk) this is Terri Dion

  5. Fantastic interview, Nathan. Bacon is a decent ploy for world domination; I took a similar but sweeter route when I did the interview last night. You are hilarious, intelligent, and likable. Willow, as always you are amazing; I am starting to adore you.